Colbert: Trump Should Just Hire Robert Mueller as His Attorney (Video)

“The Late Show” host has a novel solution for Trump’s difficulties finding lawyers to represent him in the Russia probe

Stephen Colbert on Robert Mueller
"The Late Show" on Twitter

Stephen Colbert kicked off Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show” with an unconventional solution to Donald Trump’s problem finding lawyers to represent him in the ongoing Robert Mueller investigation: just hire Robert Mueller.

Colbert noted that since the resignation of lawyer John Dowd, Trump has not been able to bring new blood to his defense efforts. First, it looked like Trump would hire husband-and-wife legal team Joseph E. diGenova and Victoria Toensing to represent him in the probe investigating possible Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out due to unspecified “conflicts.”

Then, Trump tried to hire two other lawyers, Tom Buchanan and Dan Webb, who declined the opportunity, citing “business conflicts.”

Colbert then noted a Vanity Fair article that quoted former acting solicitor general Neal Katyal. Katyal speculated that DiGenova and Toensing were cut loose because Mueller “may have told Trump he had concerns” that Trump was doing “something profoundly dangerous” to his self-interest.

“If this is true,” Colbert said, “then clearly the best lawyer that Trump has against Robert Mueller… is Robert Mueller. I think, just for everyone’s sake, Mueller should argue both sides.”

Watch the whole thing below.