Colbert, Trump Role-Play Condolence Calls in Recut Maria Bartiromo Interview (Video)

It doesn’t go great

Last Updated: October 24, 2017 @ 7:58 AM

Maybe you haven’t heard, but President Donald Trump’s condolence phone call form could use a little work. Stephen Colbert helped him brush up on exactly that Monday with a clever recut of Fox Business Network’s recent Maria Bartiromo sit-down interview with the president. It didn’t go super well.

“I’m an elderly widower,” the CBS personality began his cold-open segment. “Say something that will console me after I lost my wife of 60 years.”

“You know, that’s the way it is,” Trump (faux) responded.

“Remember, my life is shattered,” the “Late Show” host continued. “I’m the weeping shell of a man. A husk of my former self. Is there anything you can say to ease my loss?”

“I don’t think it matters,” the POTUS “replied.” “I mean, I really don’t.”

Stick around for the impeachment talk. Watch the video above.


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