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Colbert Says ‘Last Act of Trump’s Death Cult’ Is Pushing Huge Election Day Turnout From MAGA Supporters (Video)

”Alright children of MAGA: Put on your Nikes, fill your thermos with Kool-Aid and go vote“

Stephen Colbert ripped President Donald Trump’s months-long criticism of using absentee ballots in the 2020 presidential election between him and Joe Biden, instead pushing MAGA supporters to show up and vote for him in person next Tuesday amid the pandemic. Colbert called this move “the last act” of POTUS’s “death cult.”

“The virus surge could have a big effect on Trump voters,” Colbert said during Tuesday’s “Late Show” monologue. “So far, 66 million people have voted early. In fact, projections indicate the majority of ballots will be cast before Election Day for the first time in history. As Ben Franklin so wisely put it, ‘Early to bed and early to vote, get him out of the White House before he digs a moat.'”

Colbert continued: “Most of the early voting has gone to the Democrats and on the other side, Trump has spent months warning his supporters against voting by mail. So the GOP is essentially betting all of its chips on a strong Election Day. He’s taken all of his chips and putting it all on Black people not voting. But they have already in massive numbers. And the disparity in early voting means Trump needs a huge turnout on Election Day in the middle of a surging pandemic. It’s the last act of Trump’s death cult.”

The CBS late-night host then put on his best Trump voice: “Alright children of MAGA: Put on your Nikes, fill your thermos with Kool-Aid and go vote. Then, I promise, we all board the spaceships to the comet. Herman Cain, we’ll see you soon.”

Colbert went on to mock Trump’s last-minute campaigning at large “superspreader rallies” during the COVID-19 outbreak, in contrast to Biden’s more cautious approach to reaching Americans before Election Day.

You can watch Colbert’s full Tuesday “Late Show” monologue via the video above.