Colbert on Trump vs North Korea: ‘You’ll Get Us All Killed… I Just Started ‘The Handmaid’s Tale” (Video)

“The Late Show” host also talks about North Korea as if it were a clingy Tinder date

At the top of Tuesday night’s episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the host talked at length about the escalating rhetoric between the United States and North Korea. And regarding Donald Trump’s surprising threat Tuesday morning to visit “fire and fury” on North Korea, Colbert had his mind firmly on what’s important — not being obliterated before he can catch up on prestige television.

“SHHHH Shut up! OK? You’ll get us all killed,” said Colbert. “And I just started ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’!”

Before that though, Colbert talked about North Korea’s reaction to a new line of sanctions approved by 15 U.N. member nations and championed by the United States. Or specifically, North Korea’s statement that it only held a grudge against the U.S., and not to any other country. Colbert wants the reclusive authoritarian regime to know that the U.S. isn’t looking for anything serious right now and wants to keep things open.

“Look North Korea, stop trying to make ‘us’ a thing. I’m not saying what we haven’t special, but we’re not exclusive,” said Colbert. “The United States, we sanction a lot of other countries, OK? We sanctioned Russia just last week and it felt pretty great… they threaten us in a way you never will! You should see the size of their missiles.”

Watch the whole thing above.