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Colbert Is Unimpressed by Trump’s Claim That He Has ‘Total Authority’ Over State Governors (Video)

”The Late Show“ host talks about coronavirus

On Wednesday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert was once again very critical of Donald Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, but Colbert enjoyed himself a bit by poking fun at Trump’s claim that he can override State Governors with regard to quarantine orders.

“Folks, if you watch the show you know I criticize Donald Trump a lot,” Colbert said at the start of his nightly monologue. “But, with this coronavirus gripping the nation, it’s made me realize that I don’t do it enough. I blame myself, a sentence Donald Trump has never said.”

Colbert then spent some time talking about Trump’s habit of blaming literally everyone else for how things have shook out during the pandemic, despite his own public record, and about the news that Trump is trying to defund the World Health Organization. Then Colbert noted that on Monday, Trump made the unconstitutional claim that he has “total authority” over the states, which governors from both parties largely rejected.

The next day, Colbert noted, Trump said at a press conference that he would “be authorizing each individual governor, of each individual state, to implement a reopening.” Colbert found that claim amusing, saying “oh I see, he’s authorizing the governors to do what the governors were already doing. I see.”

Then Colbert switched into his Trump impression. “In addition, I hereby authorize the sun to rise in the east, and the tide will be allowed to roll in. But only for six hours, then you have to go out again, tide,” Colbert joked.

There’s plenty more, like Colbert joking that Trump’s press conference went so long he got played off like at the Oscars and, when talking about the changes to restaurants that might be permanent after the shutdown ends, joking that TGI Fridays will be renamed “ICU Fridays.” Watch the whole clip above.