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Colbert Urges Support for ‘Frontline Twerkers’ Amid COVID (Video)

”Clap for them at 7 PM, after all they make it clap for us,“ host of ”The Late Show“ quips

Stephen Colbert shined a light on a little discussed sector of the workforce harshly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic — strippers — and urged viewers to “clap for them” because, “they make it clap for us.”

The amusing bit came during his opening monologue on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show,” when Colbert brought up a Reuters report that COVID-19 restrictions are making it hard for strippers to return to work.

“This isn’t right. We need to support our frontline twerkers. Let’s clap for them at 7 pm, after all they make it clap for us,” Colbert said.

Noting how one person interviewed in the report said that her job isn’t fun anymore, Colbert added “that breaks my heart, I never thought I’d see a day when strip clubs could be depressing.” And about the fact that lap dances are prohibited by COVID safety rules, he said “such a shame, after 15 months of quarantine Americans’ bodies are mostly lap.”

But Colbert saw a ray of hope in the news that in Las Vegas some strip clubs are offering vaccinations to customers, including a Larry Flynt club offering them at 4 pm. “That’s right, 4 pm. For the first time in history, you can tell your loved ones, ‘well, I’m off to the strip club in daytime because I’m acting responsibly.'”

Watch the whole bit below: