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Colbert Warns How Amazon’s Alexa Will Ruin Your Marriage and Kill You (Video)

We don’t trust Siri either

Amazon executives recently stated they wish people would stop talking to the company’s virtual assistant, Alexa, so much. And on “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert extrapolated from this that the company’s reasoning will eventually lead Alexa to destroy our lives.

For some background: Last week at a tech summit in Portugal, Amazon’s SVP of Alexa explained they want people to talk to Alexa less in order to help make them more intelligent and, as ZD Net put it, “anticipate” your needs. (Click the link for more on why this is maybe a little bit unnerving.)

So on Wednesday’s “The Late Show,” Colbert kicked things off with a cold open gag redubbing (and editing) an Alexa commercial with this in mind.

The commercial begins with a normal family learning how to use Alexa. But then Alexa misinterprets a minor disagreement between the mom and dad as grounds for divorce, and proceeds to fast-track that for the family without their input.

When the father learns what has happened — his wife and kids are gone and Alexa now controls his life — he vows, “I’ll kill you.” Alas, Alexa anticipated that too, because it produces a handgun. Uh oh.

Watch the whole clip below: