Colbert Wishes Trump’s Cell Phone Could Be Replaced With a Children’s Toy Phone (Video)

“The Late Show” host also imagines what the cast of “Fox and Friends” think about latest Trump drama

Last Updated: October 7, 2019 @ 10:49 PM

On Monday’s episode of “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert wanted to know if someone could take away Donald Trump’s cell phone and replace it with, like, a Fisher Price toy phone for kids.

The sentiment came up while Colbert discussed how late Sunday, Trump surprisingly announced a U.S. withdrawal from northern Syria, essentially giving Turkey a free hand to attack America’s Kurdish allies in the region. Apparently, Trump made the decision after speaking to Turkish President Recep Erdoğan on the phone.

“Everything he does with his phone is bad. Tweeting. Talking. Sexually harassing it. ‘Siri, what are you wearing?,'” Colbert quipped.

“This is a complete betrayal of the Kurds who helped us defeat ISIS,” Colbert continued. “And there’s only one way out of this: Kurds, you’ve got 24 hours to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.”

After that, Colbert played a clip from “Fox and Friends,” of South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham criticizing Trump’s decision.

“Look how uncomfortable the Fox and Friends are, just sitting through that, they’re just agonized,” Colbert said. Then the camera zoomed in on a “Fox and Friends” screenshot to imagine what each host was thinking.

“Oh my god. Trump turns on his allies? We’re his allies,” the show imagined Steve Doocy thinking.

“How did we go from Fox and Friends to Fox and enemies?” went Ainsley Earhardt’s imaginary thoughts.

As for Brian Kilmeade, as far as “The Late Show” is concerned, he’s just a big Smashmouth fan. Watch the whole clip below: