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Colbert Wonders if Elon Musk’s Twitter Bid Is a Plot to Make Earth Suck on Purpose (Video)

Actually, based on Musk’s whole vibe it kind of makes sense

Elon Musk made headlines Thursday when it came out that he’s offered to buy Twitter outright for $43 billion in cash in order to take the company private, which he claims is necessary to protect “free speech.”

In the cold open gag from Thursday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert suggested there might be another plan in mind: Make Earth suck so much people want to leave, which would benefit Musk’s private spaceflight company SpaceX, which apparently involves weaponizing Musk’s juvenile sense of humor.

As always the cold open began with a supercut of news explaining the premise. Then came the joke, a fake SpaceX commercial.

“At SpaceX, we’re on a mission to send humankind to Mars. Many still feel reluctant about interplanetary travel. But our founder, Elon Musk, has an idea to change that: Make Earth really bad,” the fake ad says.

“You see, right now, Earth is pretty good. There are dogs, pancakes, even a few trees left. It’s certainly better than living in a joyless bubble, eating potatoes grown in Matt Damon’s poop,” it continues.

“Imagine the most popular social media platform controlled by a guy who tweets stuff like this: ‘I put the art in fart'; ‘Jack in the Box should do double duty as a sperm donor clinic'; and ’69 days after 420 again. Ha ha,'” the ad says, accurately quoting some of Musk’s Twitter jokes.

“You’ll say, ‘My God, get me the hell off this rock. So please, Twitter executives, follow the urge that so many people have, and give Elon the Bird. This ad paid for by SpaceX, where our motto is: 58008 Upside Down Is Boobs. Ha ha,” the clip concludes.

Watch the whole clip below: