Colbert Wonders if Trump Wants a Space Force to Protect Us From Baby Yoda (Video)

“The Late Show” host, per usual, tells jokes about POTUS

On the last episode of “The Late Show” of the week, Stephen Colbert took a minute to poke some fun at a recent legislative victory President Donald Trump enjoyed and shout out to a popular meme at the same time.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a $738 billion military spending bill that, without anyone demanding to know how it will be paid for, included funding for Trump’s proposed Space Force wing of the military.

“Lotta high-tech threats up there,” Colbert said in his Trump impression. “I hear they’ve been making smaller, and much more portable Yodas.”

But he didn’t just reference successful “Star Wars” merchandising. Colbert also noted how Trump recently bragged about what the Space Force would be like in an extremely weird way, calling it “one of the biggest applause of anything.”

“It’s one of the biggest ‘applause’?” Colbert asked incredulously. Then, sliding into his Trump impression, he continued, “I’ll do anything people will clap for. Who wants Free Beer Force? How about Name of the Town I’m In Force?

“But,” Colbert noted, “space isn’t as lofty as it sounds,” mainly because as currently envisioned it will be a sub-branch of the Air Force and staffed by Air Force personnel currently working on space-related business.

But that gave Colbert an in to end the gag on a fun note. “That’s right,” he said as the camera pulled way, way above him. “Space Force’s headquarters will be in PREEXISTING OFFICE SPAAAAAACE.”

Watch the whole clip above.