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Colbert’s Prediction for the Obama Podcast Is Hilarious and Extremely True (Video)

Look, we’ll listen to ads at the end of your podcast we promise

On Friday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert brought up the recent news that Barack and Michelle Obama signed a deal to produce podcasts for Spotify. He then rolled out a hilarious video clip imagining what the first 30 seconds of an Obama podcast would sound like.

Now, most of you know that the law of podcasts is that they’re a lot of fun, but getting through the first 10 excruciating minutes of sponsor shout-outs before the actual podcast content even begins is one of the most sisyphean tasks any of us are likely to experience. Seriously, can you at least tell us in advance if it’s gonna be 2 minutes or a full 20 before we get to the part where the road trip becomes bearable?

Anyway, Colbert is pretty sure that’s the case no matter whose podcast it is, because the clip shows various people listening as Obama — or more accurately, audio samples from several different Obama speeches — welcomes his listeners.

“Hi, everybody. Now I have to say thank you to the people who helped make today possible. Stamps. Dot. Com.”

It’s funny because it’s almost certainly gonna be true. Even a former president has to pay the bills, we suppose. Meanwhile, bonus points to Colbert’s audio team for editing the clip to mimic Obama’s trademark punctuated oratorical style.

Watch the whole clip above.