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Coldplay Super Bowl Halftime Choice Is a Massive Fumble, Twitter Says

”I will be doing a conscious uncoupling from the Halftime Show,“ one football fan complains

NFL fans aren’t clamoring to watch Chris Martin and his band Coldplay perform at the Super Bowl halftime show next year. Color us shocked.

With Thursday’s news that the “Yellow” band would be attempting to entertain the masses at the Big Game, Twitter has spoken, and the reaction is overwhelmingly negative.

“Can we just sit in silence for 20 minutes instead of Coldplay?” asked one dissatisfied customer going by the Twitter handle i hate third downs.

“I’d rather watch a gif of Justin Timberlake exposing Janet Jackson‘s breast on repeat for 30 mins than watch Coldplay,” another offered.

“Now that @coldplay is performing at the Superbowl my wife and I will be doing a conscious uncoupling from the Halftime Show,” one detractor offered, a reference to the breakup between Martin and ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

“The 2016 Super Bowl halftime show will be performed by Cold Play–causing an expected huge rating spike for the Puppy Bowl,” another critic predicted.

Read below for a choice selection of Twitter reactions to Coldplay’s big gig.


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