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'Raw': Watch 'SNL' Star Colin Jost Get Nearly Choked to Death by WWE's Braun Strowman (Video)

"He's real dumb"

"SNL: Weekend Update" anchor and head writer Colin Jost made a critical mistake Monday on his visit to WWE's "Raw," where he encountered Braun Strowman.

"Hey, can I ask you something? I mean, between me and you? Is any of this stuff even real?" Jost posed to the "Monster Among Men," who was not in a mood for such silliness.

BIG mistake -- this was an even bigger one than Jost wearing that New York Mets hat to the Philadelphia arena.

Strowman let his muscles do the talking, grabbing Jost by the throat and hoisting him a good two feet up in the air. And then he let his talking do the talking.

"What do you think?!?" Strowman yelled at his captive prey. "Does that answer your question?!?"

Jost's "Saturday Night Live" partner Michael Che returned from the bathroom to save the day, calling his buddy "real stupid" and "real dumb" a number of times to diffuse the situation. Yeah, we agree with all of that.

Watch the video above.

See more from Jost and Che's visit via the below videos.

Jost and Che will serve as "special guest correspondents" for WrestleMania 35, which is set to take place on Sunday, April 7 at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium.