Colin Jost Is No Longer Head Writer at ‘Saturday Night Live’

Last time “Weekend Update” co-anchor got top writing credit was Season 40 finale

Colin Jost is no longer the head writer at “Saturday Night Live” — and apparently he hasn’t been for a while.

The “Weekend Update” co-anchor and stand-up comic was last credited as head writer on May’s Season 40 finale, which was hosted by Louis CK. At the beginning of this season, Jost chose to step down and focus on “Update.”

Splitsider first reported that Bryan Tucker and Rob Klein currently split the role, not Jost.

Jost has been on the show’s writing staff since Season 31. He shared head writing duties with Seth Meyers during Season 38, before Meyers departed to host NBC’s “Late Night.”

Jost currently shares the “Weekend Update” desk with Michael Che.

Tucker and Klein have both written for the show since the mid- to late-2000s and were promoted to head writers during Season 39.