Colorado Shootings Lawsuit Gets a 2014 Trial Date

Lawsuits from victims of shooting during "Dark Knight Rises" screening have been consolidated into one suit for a May 2014 trial

The various lawsuits against the Aurora, Colo., theater where James Holmes allegedly killed 12 people and wounded dozens of others during a shooting rampage at a July screening of "The Dark Knight Rises," have been consolidated, and will go to trial May 5, 2014.

Getty ImagesJudge R. Brooke Johnson of U.S. District Court in Colorado set the trial date on Tuesday, noting that the jury trial is scheduled for three weeks.

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A final pretrial/trial preparation date is set for April 25, 2014.

In October four lawsuits were filed on behalf of seven victims, alleging that Cinemark USA, Inc., d/b/a Century Aurora 16, was negligent and provided proper security during the screening.

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The suits, which have now been rolled into one, allege that, while the theater employed security guards on Friday and Saturday night, no such security was in place at the July 20 incident, which took place very early on a Friday morning.

They also assert that the theater's exterior doors lacked alarms or other security features that would have alerted employees that Holmes "had surreptitiously left the theater by the exterior door and had put the door in an open position which would facilitate a surreptitious and unlawful re-entry."

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Three suits were filed on behalf of the parents of Micayla Medek, Matthew McQuinn and A.J. Boik, who were killed during the massacre, while a fourth complaint was filed on behalf of Dion Rosborough and Ryan Lumba — who were struck by gunfire while fleeing the theater — as well as Tony Briscoe and the father of A.J. Boik.

The consolidated suit also encompasses complaints filed in September by In September, Denise Traynom, Brandon Axelrod and Joshua Nowlan who were shot during the incident.

Holmes, 24, has been charged with 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder. He is currently in custody and waiting to find out if he will be found competent to stand trial.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.