‘F Is for Family’ Creator Bill Burr Wrote a Standalone ‘Colt Luger’ Episode

But stand-up comedian spiked the script after realizing “BoJack Horseman” beat him to the show-within-a-show punch

'Colt Luger' on 'F Is for Family'
'Colt Luger' on 'F Is for Family'

Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. In Bill Burr’s case, that meant setting aside his script for a planned standalone “Colt Luger” special.

The co-creator and star of Netflix’s “F Is for Family” told TheWrap that he wrote a full script for an entire episode of his show-within-a-show, but Burr ultimately spiked the idea after seeing “BoJack Horseman” did a “Horsin’ Around” Christmas special.

“I wrote a whole half-hour script. I’ve got that somewhere on my computer — a first draft of it,” he said. “It just was gonna be too similar.”

In “F Is for Family,” “Colt Luger” is Frank Murphy’s (Burr) favorite TV show, and centers on an aging tough-guy private investigator-type who’s not too old to kick ass and womanize. “Horsin’ Around” is the “Full House”-style family sitcom that first made the titular character in “BoJack Horseman” famous.

Both (real) shows are animated, and both are Netflix originals that drop in what we’d consider the summer TV season.

“It’s really hard nowadays when there are 9,000 shows within your own genre that have 10 episodes coming out every year to try and stay away [from parity],” Burr explained. “We try to be as cognizant as we can of [saying], ‘That sounds like “Family Guy.” That sounds like this. We try to respect everybody’s lane that they’re in, and we try to be in our own lane. And I think we’ve done a really good job of it. I hope so anyways.”

The 10-episode second season of “F Is for Family” drops in its entirety Tuesday on Netflix. Check back with TheWrap soon for more from our interview with Bill Burr.