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Columnists Choose Sides in Team Coco vs. Leno

Some interesting takes on the late-night madness

Random links as America’s TV Writers Held Hostage by NBC, Day 12, continues…. 

Jay Leno’s taking it on the chin from Kansas City Star TV critic Aaron Barnhart, who’s just posted a blistering (yet reasoned) diatribe against the once and future host of "The Tonight Show."

Barnhart isn’t completely non-partisan in the late-night wars. Long before they started handing out blogs at birth, Barnhart was a David Letterman die-hard who chronicled the late shift via an e-mail newsletter.

And, like TV MoJoe, I’m pretty sure he was on Team Coco long before most critics got over their early distaste for O’Brien.

Now, he’s out with a column basically accusing Leno of being a liar who never had any intention of giving up "The Tonight Show," despite his very public statements regarding his being OK with the transition.

It’s a great read. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter continues to be the leading source for anti-Conan counter-opinion. A few days after blogger James Hibberd all but accused O’Brien of being a cry baby after his generally well-received "People of the earth" missive, THR’s Andy Wallenstein is even harsher in his take on the situation.

And over at TMZ, the website tries to take the heat off of Jeff Zucker and Co. by blaming this whole mess on… Fred Silverman?