Comcast Seeks to Block Shareholder Proposal for Independent Investigation Into Workplace Sexual Harassment

”Continued attempts to sweep concerns under the rug sends absolutely the wrong signal to shareholders,“ firm that filed proposal says

Following a series of high-profile workplace sexual harassment cases, NBCUniveral’s parent company, Comcast, is seeking to exclude a shareholder proposal that calls on the company to conduct an independent investigation into workplace sexual harassment and issue a report on “risks posed by the Company’s failures to prevent workplace sexual harassment.”

The resolution, filed by the investment firm Arjuna Capital, cites former “Today” host Matt Lauer’s firing for “ongoing sexual harassment of employees,” and Ronan Farrow’s accusations that NBCUniversal may have covered up Lauer’s alleged misconduct, as reasons for Comcast to conduct an investigation and create a report. (NBCUniversal has denied any wrongdoing, and Lauer has denied the accusation of rape.)

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J. Clara Chan

Media and politics reporter • • Twitter: @jclarachan