Comcast Customer Claims He Was Fired Over Cable Bill Complaint

The anonymous complainer says his harrowing ordeal began in early 2013 when he subscribed for a 9-month Comcast promotional cable offer

Talk about yet another case of customer service gone horribly wrong.

A Comcast cable customer claims he was fired from his job after complaining to the company about an incorrect bill and his ensuing horrible customer service experience.

The man — identified only as “Conal” by website The Consumerist — claims that when he elevated his complaint to Comcast corporate after receiving no aid from the Customer Service department, a Comcast employee looked him up to learn that he worked for a top accounting firm that Comcast did business with, contacted a partner at his firm, and he was then subsequently fired. Now he’s filed a legal response letter to Comcast, asking for the situation to be rectified.

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Conal claims that his harrowing ordeal began in early 2013, when he subscribed for a 9-month Comcast promotional cable offer. However, he says things went downhill quickly when he was charged for additional set-top boxes that were never activated and his last name was misspelled, leading to some of his bills never being delivered.

Conal claims he met with a rep that May who promised to get things resolved, but the only action taken was a monthly bill increase and getting charged twice for a second Internet modem that he never had. When he tried to cancel his service in October, he was promised again that things would be resolved and was offered more free promotions, but instead, he was sent a dozen more pieces of equipment that he didn’t ask for or need… and was charged $1,820 for all of it.

Eventually, Conal says that Comcast sent his account into collections in Feb. 2014, before his bill was even overdue.

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In Feb. 2014, Conal says he called the Comcast corporate offices and was assured that a technician had showed up to his house. When Conal says no technician had visited, claims he was then asked several personal questions including being asked about the color of his house.

Conal claims that someone at Comcast then looked him up and realized that he worked for an accounting firm that Comcast does business with, which lead to his eventual firing. Conal says previous to this incident, he had received only positive reviews at work.

Conal adds that Comcast told him that the reasoning behind this is that he had used his employer’s name as leverage to get help. He claims that he never mentioned his employer’s name and that someone in Comcast’s Controller’s office looked him up to find out where he worked.

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Conal has not yet filed a lawsuit, but hasn’t ruled it out. Comcast’s general counsel reportedly has said that Comcast did contact Conal’s employer but that Conal “is not in a position to complain that the firm came to learn” about his disagreement with Comcast.

However, Comcast did provide the following statement to The Consumerist and added that they had previously apologized to Conal and were attempting to resolve the issue.

“Our customers deserve the best experience every time they interact with us,” the statement read, adding that, “we will review his lawyer’s letter and respond as quickly as possible.”

Is Conal telling the entire truth? Did Comcast take inappropriate action? Everyone seems to have a tale of bad customer service experience with cable companies, but until hard evidence surfaces, it’s hard to identify who may actually be at fault.

A spokesperson for Comcast has not yet returned TheWrap’s request for comment.