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Comcast Movie Blog Makes Big Political Stand: Bin Laden Was ‘Murdered’

Movies.com blogger Erik Davis poses the rather provocative-for-a-simple-corporately-owned-film-fan-site question, “Should the Murder of Osama Bin Laden Become a Movie?

"Vengeance at last," read the New York Post.

"Dead!" touted Newsday, the Baltimore Sun and the Virginian-Pilot.

"Should the Murder of Osama Bin Laden Become a Movie?" pondered Movies.com.

Leave it to a Comcast-owned movie blog to pose the really provocative question in regard to the fatal apprehension of Al Queda leader Osama bin Laden Sunday.

According to movie blogger Erik Davis, bin Laden had it comin' for leading a deadly attack on nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children on Sept. 11, 2001 … but his death at the hands of U.S forces was, well, "muuurder."

"Thousands across the United States gathered in places like Times Square, Boston Commons, Ground Zero and outside the White House to celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden, which was kind of a strange event since everyone was using their most spirited post-Superbowl win chants to indicate their happiness over one man's murder," Davis wrote.

OK, so maybe Davis has a point here — is it cool to gleefully celebrate in the streets the killing of a man, no matter how diabolical his deeds?

But perhaps a simple movie blog run out of Comcast's Fandango movie-ticket sales operation in Santa Monica, Calif. isn't the best forum for such a discussion? (Full disclosure: the author of this article used to blog for this site, too, although not about Osama bin Laden.)

Consider that Davis' blog was sandwiched inbetween an "exclusive" interview with "Thor's" Chris Hemsworth and "8 Great … Mother/Daughter Dysfunction Movies," and you kind of get the lack of context.

Is this the kind of platform where you expect this kind of cayenne pepper? As Vinnie Barbarino might say, "Weeeerd."

In any event, Movies.com's Mensa-minded commenters felt the packaging of the story was a little jarring.

"What idiot used the term 'murder' here?" pondered one commenter.

"I was going to do a big long post, but your (sic) not worth the effort. idiot that you are," added another, er, fan