Comcast and Starz Set New Carriage Agreement That Will Include Lionsgate Content on Peacock

Starz will shift to a digital-only option for Comcast customers

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Comcast and Starz reached a unique carriage agreement on Monday, which will see the pay-cable network offered only through its streaming app for Xfinity customers.

The deal enables Comcast customers to subscriber to Starz’s OTT service through Comcast and watch Starz channel on the Xfinity TV platform. At the same time, Comcast’s upcoming streaming service, Peacock, will get an influx of library content from Starz’s parent company, Lionsgate.

Peacock is scheduled to launch in April. NBCUniversal will also license content to Starz to be featured in the U.S. and on its international streaming service, StarzPlay. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“We look forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with Comcast to deliver great content and great value to our customers,” Starz President and CEO Jeffrey Hirsch said in a statement Monday. “Our ongoing relationship with Comcast reflects our ability to unlock opportunities across all of our businesses to the benefit of our subscribers.”

The deal avoids a year-end blackout of Starz and Encore channels for Comcast subs. In August, The Information reported that Comcast was set to drop Starz in October off its Xfinity service, before agreeing for a short-term deal through the end of the year. In making Monday’s announcement, Comcast said the deal represents “a path for an orderly transition to an a la carte business.

“We are pleased that we were able to extend the partnership to Peacock and other businesses within Comcast while also ensuring Xfinity customers continue to enjoy great Starz programming,” said Dana Strong, President of Consumer Services for Comcast Cable.

Peacock launches a month before WarnerMedia’s HBO Max next spring. No pricing structure has been set for Peacock, which will be formally unveiled during an investor day at 30 Rock on Jan. 17.