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Comedian Randy Rainbow Releases Latest Trump Satire Music Video: ‘Cheeto Christ Stupid Czar’ (Video)

”Cheeto Christ, Cheeto Christ / He’s like if Jesus were pumpkin spiced,“ Rainbow sings in his spoof of ”Superstar“ from ”Jesus Christ Superstar“

Randy Rainbow, the Emmy-nominated comedian best known for his satirical songs about Donald Trump, released his latest music video on Thursday — this time, to the tune of “Superstar,” from the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Stylized as an interview between Rainbow and Trump, the comedian used clips of the president’s 2018 interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace before leaning heavily into messianic imagery. Rainbow goes on to sing about several of Trump’s recent questionable statements, including his declaration that he’s the “King of Israel” and the “chosen one.”

When he gets to the song’s chorus, Rainbow turns the original lyrics of “Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ / Who are you, what have you sacrificed?” into “Cheeto Christ, Cheeto Christ / He’s like if Jesus were pumpkin spiced.”

In an interview with TheWrap’s Lindsey Ellefson last week, Rainbow said he hoped that new viewers would be able to benefit from the humor of his videos.

“I hope they’ll go and maybe binge me a little bit and see what I’m trying to do, which is kind of be as much of a spoonful of sugar as I can in these troubling times, use comedy as my weapon of choice, and get people to laugh instead of cry and sing instead of scream.”

Watch the video above.