Comedy Central and The Onion Get Sporty

Cable network developing a scripted pilot based on the Onion Sports Network.

Comedy Central and The Onion Thursday announced plans to develop a sports-themed scripted comedy series.

The project will be based on the Onion Sports Network, an online video service from the humor site. Comedy Central have given a pilot order to the untitled concept.

"The short-form content on the OSN Web series is outstanding, hilarious and exactly what you’d expect from the gang. We’re really excited to take this great idea and turn it into a regular, weekly series," said outgoing Comedy Central programming chief Lauren Corrao.

Julie Smith and Will Graham of the Onion will serve as executive producers.

"Get ready for the most intense sports coverage humanity has yet witnessed," Graham said, in classic Onion-style overstatement. "We won’t rest until you’re perched in front of your TV, shouting in breathless excitement, neglecting your loved ones and your job because you are so completely addicted to our sports coverage."