Comedy Central Kills Another ‘State’ Show

Black and Showalter’s “Michael & Michael Have Issues” canceled after one season

Last Updated: March 5, 2010 @ 10:56 AM

Comedy Central has killed another "State"-run show.

Less than a year after pulling the plug on "Reno 911" — and five years after squashing "Stella" — the network confirmed to TheWrap that it has axed "Michael & Michael Have Issues" from its comedy slate.

The show, launched last summer, was created by Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, veterans of MTV’s cult hit "The State" and creators of "Stella."

A meta-mockumentary about producing a sketch comedy show, "M&M" lasted just seven episodes — three fewer than "Stella," which Comedy Central scrapped after just 10.

“I can confirm that we have decided not to move forward on a second season of ‘Michael & Michael Have Issues,’” a spokesman for the network said.  He declined to discuss “specifics behind decisions on whether to continue production on a show,” citing network policy.

Showalter announced the cancellation — where else? – on Twitter.

“To all who were fans of ‘Michael&MichaelHaveIssues’ I can confirm that one week ago Comdy Central cancelled the show. Thanks for watching!”

Black was less civil in his tweet.

"Apparently Comedy Central is airing my canceled show right now, to which I graciously say, ‘F— YOU, Comedy Central.’"

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