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‘Daily Show’ Trump Twitter Library Is Becoming a Book

Book from Comedy Central and Penguin Random House’s Spiegel & Grau will be available July 31

“The Daily Show” is doubling down on its (totally real) Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, announcing plans to release a book version of the interactive pop-up exhibition.

Comedy Central is releasing the book, titled “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library,” with Penguin Random House’s Spiegel & Grau and will be available on July 31. The book will be written by writers from “Daily Show,” with an introduction from “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah and a foreword from Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jon Meacham.

Per Comedy Central, the book will take the form of a proper exhibition catalog based on the brick and mortar exhibition the network opened last year. The book’s content will feature both library favorites, and brand-new exhibits. The book will include, but is not limited to:

  • The Masterpieces: In-depth critical appreciations of history’s most important Trump tweets, from “Very Stable Genius” to “Covfefe.”
  • The Greatest Battles: Trump’s brutal Twitter campaigns against fellow Republicans, Diet Coke, women generally, and Kristen Stewart specifically.
  • Sad! A Retrospective: A compendium of the many people, events, and twists of fate that apparently made Donald Trump feel this human emotion.
  • Trumpstradamus: Trump’s 140-character predictions for the future.
  • The Hall of Nicknames: The greatest of Trump’s monikers, from “Lyin’ Ted” to “Low I.Q. Crazy Mika,” accompanied by original caricature artwork.
  • Trump vs. Trump: All the times Trump’s tweets have contradict himself.

Last June, Comedy Central opened a 4,000-square-foot “library” that cataloged the many things the 45th president has said over his preferred method of communication: Twitter. The pop-up exhibition has since traveled around the country, with its next stop in San Francisco from June 1-3 as part of Comedy Central’s “ClusterFest.”

The book will also feature full-color photography from its previous pop-up exhibitions and a place for readers to add their own future Trump tweet highlights (maybe even about this story).