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Comic-Con 2013: ‘Vikings’ Creator Talks Season 2’s Time Jump, Characters’ ‘Big Decisions’ (Video)

Executive producer Michael Hirst and the History series' cast tease the sophomore season

The producers and cast of History's "Vikings" flew in from shooting in Ireland to attend their Comic-Con panel on Friday.

Series writer and creator Michael Hirst and History's EVP and general manager Dirk Hoogstra joined stars Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Gustaf Skarsgard, George Blagden, and Jessalyn Gilsig to hash out the freshman season and discuss what to expect on Season 2.

"I left Season 1 off with a lot of cliffhangers, which I thought was incredibly clever of me," Hirst joked, "because I thought they just have to commission a second season."

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History did, but really it seemed in the cards after "Vikings" became the highest rated new series on cable. But, the cliffhangers also meant that Hirst would have to tie them up before the series jumped several years.

"Those need to be resolved," he said.

What else did we learn about Season 2?

More, more, more: Hirst went on to say that the series grows in scale in its sophomore season. "The stakes get higher, the armies get larger, we will watch Ragnar's rise, which has circumstances," he said.

Religious war continues: The Viking battles over its religion, Norse mythology, versus Christianity become "central" to Season 2, Hirst said.

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How will Lagertha deal with finding out about Ragnar (Fimmel) cheating on her? "She's going to kick some ass," Katheryn Winnick said. "It was hard for her and her feeling of identity is tested."

Will Athelstan ever become Viking? "All of the characters on Season 2 have difficult choices to make," George Blagden said. "I would be disappointed if Athelstan becomes full Viking." That said, Blagden has been growing his beard out since last season and when a fan asked if they'd ever portray a Viking who is of shorter stature, Blagden stood up. He also mentioned he has been doing some "Vike training" in preparation for the season. Make your own conclusions, folks.

Will Siggy find love? "I don't know about a love life," Jessalyn Gilsig said. "But, I think she's going to be busy. She's doesn't believe in romantic love and sees relationships as opportunities."

Is Floki doomed? History shared a clip from Season 2 depicting a battle between Ragnar's forces and Rollo's (Standen) forces. And, things don't look good for poor Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard).

Watch the troubling preview below:

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