Marvel at the Most-Watched Comic-Con@Home 2020 Thursday Panel

Ignoring Wednesday’s “Preview Night” — like most attendees do anyway in a normal year anyway — here are the Top 10 most-watched events from the big kickoff

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Comic-Con@Home 2020 is underway, and webcams from far beyond the San Diego city limits are getting a workout. But which of the basement- and kitchen-based panels drew the most virtual attention on Thursday, the first full day of the virtual fan fest? (As is always the case, San Diego Comic-Con holds a “Preview Night” on Wednesday, but Thursday and Saturday are typically considered the main days — unless you’re only attending for “The Walking Dead,” then Friday is your nerd Super Bowl.)

Thursday’s most-streamed panel, according to YouTube’s public tally (we can’t quite turn to Nielsen on this one), was for the upcoming, long-delayed Marvel movie “The New Mutants” — and it wasn’t even close. “The New Mutants” panel started at 2 p.m. PT on Thursday, according to Comic-Con International’s schedule, and at the time this story was written had already eclipsed 107,000 views.

The No. 2 panel, for CBS All Access’ “Star Trek” universe of streaming TV shows, drew well-fewer than half the clicks: just over 41,000. And Amazon Prime’s superhero series “The Boys” followed at No. 3 with just over 32,000 views.

It’s worth pointing out here that certain panels are available beyond YouTube, like the ones hosted by IGN or others simultaneously streaming on Twitch — but all are available on YouTube, which serves as the main hub for Comic-Con@Home.

“The New Mutants,” which is still set for an optimistic Aug. 28 release in theaters, follows five young mutants who have just discovered their abilities while being held in a secret facility against their will. The quintet, played by Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Blu Hunt and Henry Zaga, fights to escape their past sins and save themselves, according to the film’s official logline.

Not an apples-to-apples comparison so much as a fun tidbit, but the San Diego Convention Center’s famed Hall H seats 6,500 at its maximum capacity — so 6,500 would be the maximum number of people who would have been able to watch any of the marquee panels in a normal year. Of course, had this been a normal year, the panel schedule and each session’s respective news and content offerings would have been much, much different.

Alas, here we are.

And here are the Top 10 most-watched panels thus far, according to YouTube tallies as of Friday morning at roughly 9:30 a.m. PT. Readers can watch each panel in its entirety via the videos below.

1.“The New Mutants”: 107,706

2. “Star Trek Universe Virtual Panel”: 41,440

3. “Amazon Prime Video: The Boys”: 32,130

4. “His Dark Materials Virtual Panel and Q&A”: 21,559

5. “A Look Inside “Marvel’s 616” on Disney+“: 19,955

6. “X-Men Fandom Surprise Party”: 12,360

7. “Cartoon Network Studios: The Art of Storyboarding”: 11,063

8. “Solar Opposites”: 10,406

9. “Amazon Prime Video: Truth Seekers”: 9,409

10. “Amazon Prime Video: Upload”: 8,669

How about some honorable mentions?

The other Thursday panels that have already topped that Hall H-inspired 6,500-view threshold include: “Superstore,” “Cartoon Network Studios First Look,” “Mattel & WWE Elite Squad Fan Panel,” “Marvel Storyboards,” the “Crunchyroll Industry Panel,” “Collider: Directors on Directing” and “Amazon Prime Video: Utopia.”

Enjoy “The Walking Dead” today, all you quarantined zombies!

Tony Maglio

Tony Maglio

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