Comic-Con: Matt Smith – I Wish I Was as Cool as Doctor Who

The latest “Doctor Who” star discusses what makes his character tick, who his favorite predecessor is — and the origin of the fez

During his brief time as the latest iteration of the titular Doctor on the BBC's sci-fi series "Doctor Who," Matt Smith has already accomplished the daunting task of gaining acceptance in the role.

But the way he sees it, he still has a way to go in making the transformation.

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"I'm not nearly as cool as the Doctor," Smith opined at Comic-Con's "Doctor Who" panel on Sunday, which also included his co-star Karen Gillan, executive producers Piers Wenger and Beth Willis, and screenwriter Toby Whithouse.

"I wish I was as cool as him, but it's like, Amy Pond is way cooler than Karen," Smith offered.

Spoilers for the upcoming season were scarce (though Smith offered that "some real huge cliffhangers" will be resolved). But the diehard fans who packed Comic-Con's massive Hall H (there was more than one life-size Dalek in attendance, and fezzes seemed to be the fashion statement of the moment) were treated to a sneak preview of the upcoming episode "God Complex," as well as the fall trailer for the series (see video below).

The cast and crew also offered tidbits about the inner workings of the series — such as the origin of the now-infamous fez.

"That was me bleating on to [executive producer/head writer Steven Moffat] that I wanted to wear a hat, so he gave me the most stupid hat possible," Smith revealed.

Smith offered his insight into the iconic role, noting that he'd like to see more of the Doctor's dark side come out, as it's such a significant factor.

"There's a lot of blood on the doctor's hands, and I think that's why he's always so bubbly — because he has to keep going," Smith posited.

Gillan hinted that the Doctor's less agreeable side will be enjoying a stronger presence.

"Rule No. 1: The Doctor lies — that's gonna be explored," Gillan asserted.

Asked who their favorite Doctors — barring Smith, of course — have been, the panelists leaned heavily toward Tom Baker, though Gillan leaned toward Christopher Eccleston and Smith offered Patrick Troughton.

"It's so hard, isn't it?" Smith offered. "Everyone has their doctor." Hopefully, Smith said, in 20 years there'd be a Doctor Who panel with the panelists saying, "Matt Smith is my Doctor."

As far as the crowd in Hall H was concerned, he's already there.

The new season of "Doctor Who" debuts August 27 on BBC America.