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Coming Soon: Real-Time Interactivity Between TVs and Smartphones

Content would then appear on the phone without any disruption of the viewing experience


In the near, not-too-distant future, smartphone users will be able to push content from their TVs and computers onto their phones.
San Francisco software company Today Hand Eye Technologies has developed a system that allows smartphones to interact with other digital content.
The core product, Hand Eye Interactive Technology (HIT), creates “hotspots” on digital content that HIT-enabled phones can detect and highlight automatically on screen. This content would then appear on the phone without any disruption of the viewing experience with pauses or intrusive pop-ups on the TV, the company said.
The software also allows for interaction with the TV content, using the smartphone.
Requests for information are processed using the phone’s camera. Content is pushed to a phone when it is present while the TV show is on — delivering a real-time experience.
The new technology was presented at the prestigious DEMOfall 09, a semi-annual conference that focuses on emerging technologies and new products.
“Entertainment industry leaders have been talking about interactive TV for years, but we have still not reached this vision,” said Jonathan Kessler, CEO and co-founder of Hand Eye Technologies, in a statement. “We can now offer a truly personalized, one-to-one relationship between advertisers, show producers and the audience by leveraging the global growth of smart phone use.”


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