All LA Production Is in Decline – But Commercial Production Is Especially in Danger | Chart

A recent decrease in shooting in the industry’s home city was largely driven by a drop in advertising work

Greater Los Angeles’ dramatic drop in on-location filming in recent months may have a variety of reasons, including a diminishing need to catch up on pandemic-delayed projects. But commercial production saw the biggest decrease in the final quarter of 2022, dropping by more than a third and signaling potential trouble for a key segment of the business.

As shoots for films, television, commercials and other media resumed in 2021 and 2022, FilmLA reported a rebound in shoot days to pre-pandemic levels that remained consistent through all of last year. But in Q4, 8,674 shoot days were reported, a year-over-year decline of 19.5%. In total, 36,792 shoot days were reported in 2022, 252 more days than in 2019 but down 2.4% from 2021. It is also 7.2% down from the all-time peak of 39,762 days recorded in 2016.

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