Stratagem Studios CEO Says Growing Local Production Talent Is a ‘Responsibility’

Office With a View: “You could put up a stage tomorrow and put a tax credit in place, but to mature your labor… that underpins all the rest,” Michael Cerenzie tells TheWrap

Michael Cerenzie Stratagem Studios Office With a View
TheWrap Illustration/Courtesy of Stratagem Studios

Stratagem Studios may have 250,000 square feet of studio space in Toronto, with another 100,000-plus on the way, but CEO Michael Cerenzie didn’t just plan on growing the space in Toronto as fast as he could. He first wanted to make sure that there was actually enough labor and talent who could work those stages.

As a result of Netflix, Disney and other emerging streamers fighting for sound stage space over the last few years, many in his industry were racing to buy land, lobby for local tax credits and rapidly assemble stages and equipment, Cerenzie said. But there’s one thing they left out.