‘Community’ Season 3: John Goodman Signs on as New Dean

And “The Wire” and “Boardwalk Empire” actor Michael Kenneth Williams also gets recurring role

Last Updated: July 25, 2011 @ 4:39 PM

"Community" could add zero new characters and the NBC sitcom's many rabid fans would still eat up season three like so many blueberry pies, or whatever flavor of pies they prefer.

But Vulture has learned that John Goodman will be upping the ante at Greendale Community College as — and we're quoting here because Vulture's Josef Adalian puts it so perfectly — "a new vice dean of its heretofore unexplored school of air conditioning repair."

NBC's rep for the show confirms the addition and says Goodman, who can be seen currently in DirecTV's "Damages," will play a dean with the last name Laybourne for at least six episodes.

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This follows up on Friday's news that Michael Kenneth Williams, who played beloved thug Omar Little on HBO's "The Wire" and who currently co-stars on "Boardwalk Empire," will play a biology professor for at least three episodes. According to the NBC rep, his name will be Professor Kane.

We're counting the days until Professor Kane confronts Magnitude about his little "pop pop" problem.