‘Community’s’ Donald Glover Releases Creepy Short Film Co-Starring ‘Boy Meets World’ Danielle Fischel (Video)

The director's cut of "Clapping for the Wrong Reasons" shows a very, very different side of the comedic actor/rapper

The director's cut for Donald Glover's "Clapping for the Wrong Reasons" hit the web on Thursday, and it is certifiably bizarre.

The short film stars "Community" actor and rapper Glover as well as "Boy Meets World" — and now "Girl Meets World" — star Danielle Fischel.

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The 25-minute film opens on a confusing collections call waking Glover's character up in his unexplained beautiful mansion. Whoever the debt agent is looking for is somewhere in the northern hemisphere, because, you know, it's June. We'd say that will make more sense when you watch the video, but it probably won't.

Next, someone in a tie-dyed hoodie throws up in Glover's kitchen.

From there, music is made, Connect Four is played and push-up contests are held. Then Glover and Fischel collect lemons.

It's weird, but not Troy and Abed funny-weird.

Watch the director's cut: