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Competing With Time Magazine, CNN’s Don Lemon Announces His Own ‘Person of The Year’

TIME officially selected “The Ebola Fighters” as its Person of The Year, but CNN’s Lemon disagrees and announces his own Wednesday

Time Magazine can have its person of the year, but Don Lemon is going to have his own too.

That’s what the CNN anchor said Wednesday night, announcing the inaugural “CNN Tonight” person of the year award.

Lemon hosted a panel with CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin, HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill, CNN Political Commentator Ben Ferguson, and legal analyst Mel Robbins all debated Time Magazine’s pick.

Ferguson and Robbins said Time got it right with the “Ebola Fighters” as the person of the year; Hostin and Lamont Hill thought the second place Ferguson protestors should’ve actually been declared person of the year.

And Lemon said: “After consulting with everybody, staff, with you — you sent us your tweets, and people from all over the country emailed us — the ‘CNN Tonight’ person of the year award goes to the non-violent protestors, people around the country and around the world making their voices heard without resorting to violence.”

No word yet on whether Time Magazine is threatened by its new awards competition coming from Time Warner Center.