Complex Names Aria Hughes Editor-in-Chief Under New Ownership 

Noah Callahan-Bever will also reprise his role as chief content officer after Complex acquired his company IdeaGeneration

Complex Aria Hughes and Noah Callahan-Bever

Complex, which was acquired by Ntwrk in February, has named Aria Hughes editor-in-chief and Noah Callahan-Bever the new chief of content. 

Both will oversee the newsroom and content strategy of Complex, after a $108.6 million merger with Ntwrk, which was intended to “define the future of commerce, digital media and music.”

“It’s an honor to be named the editor-in-chief at a brand that’s so important to culture,” Hughes said in a statement. “I look forward to working with Noah and the team to help Complex grow, evolve, and connect more deeply with our audience.”

Hughes joined Complex in 2019 as the deputy style editor and in 2022 she was promoted to editorial creative director, overseeing organic edit content, cover campaigns, and larger editorial initiatives, including Complex Volume, a quarterly digital magazine. 

Callahan-Bever will reprise his role as chief content officer for Complex, bringing over two decades of experience to the role. He previously served as deputy editor, editor-in-chief, and then chief content officer at Complex from 2005 to 2017. 

During Callahan-Bever’s initial tenure with Complex, he played a crucial role in growing the brand. 

As part of the deal, Complex has also acquired Callahan-Bever’s creator-first media company Idea Generation, which seeks to understand how creators develop content that impact society. 

Idea Generation has been self-funded since its launch and has amassed over 300,000 followers across major social media channels. Additionally, IdeaGen created and produced a show that aired on Bloomberg Original for three seasons, featuring key cultural voices like Scooter Braun, Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, Killer Mike, and more. 

Callahan-Bever will continue to lead IdeaGen along with the company’s co-CEO Tricia Clarke Stone, General Manager Helena Ochs, and VP of Community Engagement John Walaszek. 

“The successive opportunities of helping build Complex, and then Idea Generation, have offered me the rare and deeply satisfying experiences of collaborating with brilliant colleagues,” Callahan-Bever said in a statement. 

“So to be afforded the chance, thanks to CEO Aaron Levant, to revisit and reimagine my work at Complex — and to be able to do it in concert with one of the industry’s most inspiring emergent talents, Aria Hughes — while also injecting Idea Generation with the resources and infrastructure it needs to go the next level, with all of the aforementioned accomplices,” Callahan-Bever continued, “is a professional gift for which the depths of my gratitude know no bounds.” 


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