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Conan on Adam Sandler’s Elephant Penis Joke: ‘The Dumbest Story I’ve Ever Heard’ (Video)

”Blended“ star claims he took on the large mammal’s member in a game of hoops while on location in Africa

Adam Sandler played an elephant’s penis in one-on-one basketball, or so goes the “dumbest story” Conan O’Brien‘s “ever heard.”

While shooting “Blended” in Africa with Drew Barrymore, Sandler sized up an elephant’s six-foot penis and challenged it to a game of hoops, the comedic actor told the Dallas “Conan” audience on Monday.

“He was quick, he could penetrate the hole,” Sandler joked.

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But the “Grown Ups” star had a plan: he left the human-sized phallus alone on the outside. After hitting a few open three-pointers, the elephant penis “shrunk down to three feet after some giant explosion,” he told Conan.

Sandler added: “I had to change my sneakers, but I ultimately won the game.”

“That’s the dumbest story I think I’ve ever heard,” O’Brien retorted.

Watch the clip: