Conan and Andy Richter Rent the Batmobile for $35 a Day (Video)

Shoulda got the rental insurance

Conan O’Brien‘s car is in the shop, and as a (cable) celebrity, a Toyota Corolla rental simply isn’t going to cut it.

So he and sidekick Andy Richter kick around the idea of upgrading to a Chevy Malibu for the week, though ultimately they choose the Batmobile, at a mere $34.99/day. It even has a USB charger, which is handy.

Bruce Wayne’s hottest ride is also capable of going 438 miles an hour, which almost lands O’Brien a speeding ticket in next Thursday’s “Conan” cold open, an episode that will feature the entire “Batman v Superman” cast. Plus, the Batmobile comes standard with a killer voice modulator and, as Andy finds out accidentally, enormous cannons with massive firepower.

The comedians shoot up an ice cream truck, nearly killing a man, woman and baby. Everyone is OK in the end, though the van is completely shredded and blown up. In addition to the obvious felonies they face, O’Brien didn’t spring for the rental insurance, calling it “a scam.”

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Watch the video above. “Batman v Superman” swoops into theaters at midnight.