Conan Buys His Assistant a ‘Horrible, Horrible’ New Car: ‘It’s So Gross’ (Video)

Well, it’s new to her

Last Updated: July 13, 2018 @ 8:19 AM

Don’t ever say Conan O’Brien hasn’t done anything for you, Sona Movsesian. On Thursday, the “Conan” host helped his assistant buy a new car, and in the end, he presented her with something she definitely didn’t want.

After searching AutoTrader together for everything from a modest Subaru to a totally ridiculous $2 million Bugatti, O’Brien insisted Sona check out what she dubbed a “murder car.” And then he bought it for her.

Listed for $1,000, the TBS personality got a killer deal at $500. Conan eventually presented his longtime employee with the dusty, filthy P.O.S. on television. Done up all nice for the TV cameras and Burbank, California studio audience, Sona wanted nothing to do with it.

“Can I get out?” Sona asks her boss on-air after trying out his awful gift. “It’s so gross.”

“It’s a horrible, horrible car,” O’Brien admits.

Watch the video above.