‘Conan’: Eric McCormack Turns 50, Enjoys Burlesque Show (Video)

"Will & Grace" star's wife is very understanding

Eric McCormack stopped by "Conan" on Monday night to promote the second season of his TNT show "Perception," and both the star and host — who were born on the same day and year — celebrated their combined 100th birthday.

McCormack and O'Brien turned 50 on April 18, and McCormack was happy to boast about how he rang in his next half-century: with four burlesque dancers, ordered, he claimed, by his wife. 

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"It was really hot and very sexy," McCormack said, showing off a photo from the grand finale, when one of the dancers ripped her skirt off to reveal the number 50 on her butt.

For the record, Conan's fiftieth birthday wasn't quite the same blowout. His wife, he said, took him to The Sizzler. "50 was written on my tray," he sighed.

Watch the video: