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Conan O’Brien Deflects Bullets to Impress ‘Wonder Woman’s’ Gal Gadot (Video)

Can the late night host become a superhero in 35 minutes?

Gal Gadot trained for six months prior to even beginning to shoot “Wonder Woman.” But can Conan O’Brien match her skills in 35 minutes?

The talkshow host met up with Gadot at a Warner Bros. warehouse for a segment on his late-night show “Conan” to see how she trained to become the iconic superhero. According to Gadot, she did a lot of gym work and martial arts alongside her trainer Ruda Vrba

Both Vrba and Gadot weren’t impressed with O’Brien — Vrba said he had “very weak legs.”

The three engaged in some rudimentary superhero training — martial arts and swordplay — before O’Brien asked if he was making progress.

“No,” Vrba replied.

That’s when things got serious. O’Brien first put on the Wonder Woman gauntlets and headband and (with the help of some nifty editing) showed Gadot how good he was at reflecting, catching and eating bullets.

At the end, in order to impress Gadot some more, he became his superhero alter ego, which is basically just O’Brien in a padded suit and cape, complete with fake red hair. Then he rode a bull because Warner Bros. didn’t have a horse on standby. It went about as well as you expect.

“Gal, I think you’re very beautiful and I don’t think you’re seeing me at my best. I know you’re attracted to me, but I have to tell you now it can’t be. we’re both married,” he said to her at the end.

Watch the full clip above.