Conan, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart Smoke a Ton of Weed During Student Driver Lesson: ‘We’re Going to Jail’ (Video)

Actually, they went to Popeyes

Conan Ice Cube Kevin Hart Diana Chang

Conan O’Brien set out to teach staff member Diana Chang how to drive just in time for her license test — but what ended up happening was much funnier and significantly more illegal.

The TBS remote bit began mostly in earnest, with boss O’Brien teaching Diana to yell “You’re my bitch!” at anyone she passed. He also reminded her that it is important to drive with just one hand on the wheel, so the other is free to text. None of these were good lessons, obviously, but they got worse when the duo picked up Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

The dudes in the back first prepped Chang for operating a motor vehicle during a drive-by shooting. They then squabbled over the relative gangster-ness of wearing safety harnesses.

“Tupac was one of the biggest thugs I know, and he always wore his seat belt,” Cube told Hart, convincing him to buckle up.

The real fun came later, when the squad rolled up to a marijuana dispensary and seemingly bought the whole place out, right down to its flag. The student driver car was promptly hot-boxed, which created a bit of an issue when they were stopped by the cops. (“We’re going to jail,” Conan declared.)

Of course, the celebrities got away with it, and the whole experience naturally ended at a Popeyes.

Watch the video above. Cube and Hart were promoting their new comedy “Ride Along 2,” which rolls into theaters on Jan. 15.