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Conan (Probably) Blows Trump’s Greenland Deal by Totally Butchering Their Local Language (Video)

No one knew what the weather was going to be that day

Kiss that big Greenland deal goodbye, Donald Trump: Conan O’Brien blew into town this past weekend and mucked it all up for you.

Still, he tried.

“I went for our country and because, eh, things aren’t great at home,” O’Brien told his TBS audience on Wednesday of his international trip.

His basic-cable sidekick Andy Richter really liked that one. (So did we.)

Anyway, on last night’s “Conan in Greenland” preview clip, O’Brien dropped by the capital city of Nuuk’s TV station to give the weather report.

“I will give the report in the Greenlandic language, because let’s face it, how hard could it be?” he told locals via the airwaves.

Turns out it’s literally the hardest — take a look at that teleprompter. Watch the video above.