Watch ‘Conan’ Producer Jordan Schlansky Get Totally Owned by Childhood Hero Ralph Macchio (Video)

Welcome to Japan

“Conan” producer Jordan Schlansky just had his meal, childhood and possibly life ruined by Ralph Macchio.

While shooting a remote in Japan, Schlansky and boss Conan O’Brien sat down for a traditional dinner. There, Conan insulted his employee numerous times, calling Jordan “the high priest of meaningless conversation” and even “a pervert” for smelling his food before tasting.

The smug Schlansky was no slouch himself, telling the comic that their server only likes O’Brien “because you are a jester.”

Later, the know-it-all Schlansky explained his obsession with Japanese culture — it was all “The Karate Kid Part II,” of course.

Recounting his childhood, Jordan insisted multiple times that the 1986 movie’s Japan scenes were shot in Okinawa, which is a Japanese island in the East China Sea. Unfortunately for the walking Wikipedia, O’Brien called in a favor to fact-check his travel companion.

“Hi Conan, it’s me, Ralph Macchio,” a video message saved to O’Brien’s cell started. “Listen, I’m sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to tell that Jordan guy that all the scenes in ‘Karate Kid Part II’ that are supposed to be Japan were actually shot in Hawaii. Oh, and Jordan, those weren’t real dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic Park.’”

Schlansky sat in shock.

“You fraud!” Conan rubbed the moment in. “Your childhood hero just came out of my phone and took a s–t into your mouth.”

Watch the video above.