Conan O’Brien Mocks Letterman in Latest ‘Dave the Horse’ Drama (Video)

Gift cards are always a nice option, guys

The great Horsegate drama between late-night personalities David Letterman and Conan O’Brien took another twist on Thursday when the “Conan” host advanced the equine mix-up.

“When you sent him [the horse] to me, I had no idea he was a ‘rental,’” O’Brien said in a video message to Letterman.

“These things happen all the time … when one man sends another man a horse,” he added.

Dave the Horse actually looked pretty happy — complete with Letterman-style beard — as he chilled out next to the TBS host at his stables.

“Anyway, he’s off, God love him,” O’Brien said, smacking a mailing label on the horse’s side as he was led up the ramp of a UPS truck. “See you, have a good trip … I’m going to miss that guy.”

Hopefully Dave the Horse is being returned to Letterman, and not being sent on to another random late-night host like Jimmy Fallon or James Corden.

In case you’re not up to date on the horse drama, Letterman got all his fellow late-night hosts gifts when he retired from the “Late Show,” so he sent Conan a horse as a gag gift.

“The idea will be that he’ll have the horse and the horse will take a dump on the show and it will be hilarious,” Letterman told Kimmel earlier this week.

The only catch was the O’Brien thought it was a permanent present and his wife fell in love with it.

Several failed riding lessons later, and the “crazy horse” was donated to the Equine Massage Center to live out his days in peace away from even crazier TV personalities.

Until he was packed into a UPS truck of course …

Watch the video above and be sure to follow the adventures of Dave the Horse via his UPS tracking number.