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Conan O’Brien and Dave Franco Join Tinder and Meet Women in a Creepy Van (Video)

If Djengus Roundstone or Chip Whitley contact you, say yes

Conan O’Brien has the youngest audience in late night, in large part because he pays attention to what those young viewers care about — and then emulates them in as creepy a way possible.

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The digital leader expanded his domain to dating/casual sex app Tinder on Thursday night, with Dave Franco deputized as his cruising buddy. Operating under the very common assumed names of Djengus Roundstone and Chip Whitley, the pair went looking for internet love, which led to a battle over a 74-year-old woman named Gloria and a meeting with a rather sweet girl named Courtney.

The big question that remains is whether Conan will be using his awesome new van, Brown Lightning, in future episodes. Let’s hope so.

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