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Ellen DeGeneres Out-Gifts Conan O’Brien During Surprise Appearance (Video)

In an elaborate surprise, the daytime talker shows the TBS late-night host how to honor his audience

A two-night bit paid off on TBS’s “Conan” on Tuesday when Ellen DeGeneres made a surprise walk-on appearance.

It all started on Monday when a woman acted like she had just arrived from to “Conan” after attending an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

She showed off the outrageous and free gifts she received as part of the audience, which included outrageous items like a cappuccino machine, a gold olympic medal from the 1930s and an MRI machine, among many other outlandish gifts.

“Look, those gifts are wonderful,” O’Brien said. “Ellen’s terrific. I just can’t do that. It’s a lot of work.”

Enraged by Coco’s lack of generosity, the woman calls someone on her “iPhone 9.” That person ends up being DeGeneres.

In the face of O’Brien’s offer to share his gluten-free Fig Newtons with the audience, DeGeneres shows him up and wheels out a huge alternative.

Watch the video.