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Conan O’Brien Totally Ruins Jordan Schlansky’s Italian Road Trip (Video)

”Conan“ producer is not amused. He’s never amused

Jordan Schlansky will never have peace and quiet so long as he works for Conan O’Brien.

On Wednesday’s “Conan,” the duo travels to Italy, which is a regular pilgrimage for sophisticated producer Schlansky. As he is wont to, Schlansky rented a classic red Fiat and drove the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. And it was almost a spiritual experience.

Unfortunately, goofball O’Brien ruined the whole trip for his friend and occasional viral video companion.

While Conan mercilessly mocks Schlansky, Jordan bores some local dogs.

Poor Schlansky can’t even listen to his favorite operas along the way, as the rights issues would prove tricky for cable channel TBS. There was no way Conan was going to sit there in silence.

Yes, the whole road trip is a total disaster, one that certainly doesn’t get any better when O’Brien breaks out the sound effects or the 1962 car dies.

Watch the video above.

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