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Conan O’Brien Lands on the ‘Wonder Woman’ Island of Amazons, Madness Ensues (Video)

The comedian is no Chris Pine

What would happen if Conan O’Brien landed on Themyscira, the home of Diana Prince and her fellow Amazonians, instead of Chris Pine?

In a “Conan” cold open from Wednesday, O’Brien takes a road trip to Comic-Con San Diego 2017 with sidekick Andy Richter. However, he finds himself booted from the ride when he just can’t get himself to listen to Richter’s favorite jam, LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.”

Conveniently, he then finds a World War 1-era German fighter jet, flies in it for 14 hours expecting to land in San Diego by that time. Instead, he ends up in Themyscira, parodying the scene in “Wonder Woman” when Pine is rescued from the ocean.

The women are curious and start poking at the thing they are calling a sea jelly. When he tells them he isn’t a sea jelly but rather a man, they use the Lasso of Truth to verify O’Brien’s story. But they get more than they bargained for.

“I also don’t tip when I get takeout food,” O’Brien reveals. “I didn’t vote in the last election, I just thought Hillary had it!”

After some “male-splaining” and a debate about his child-like voice, O’Brien wants to prove he is a man once and for all.

“Where is it?” one of the Amazonians ask O’Brien as he pulls down his pants. “Look, this is my whole penis!” he responds.

“If you have to say that, it’s not there,” another Amazonian responds.

In the end, they’ve had enough, and O’Brien is catapulted back to reality — and back onto Richter’s truck with “Sexy and I Know It” playing for two more hours on repeat.

Watch the video above.