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Conan O’Brien — Live and Onstage!

Coco can’t do TV right now. But he can — and probably will — do a live stage show

Get ready for Coco — live!

Conan O’Brien is about to finalize a plan to hit the road in the next few months, performing a live show in several cities across the country, a person familiar with the plans told TheWrap.

His representatives at William Morris Endeavor, which has a unit devoted to live apperances, have been working to secure dates for several days now.

The idea has been in the works for almost two weeks now, but nobody has wanted to talk about it because mounting such an event won’t be easy.

While nothing’s official yet, if the tour goes forward — and all signs are that it will — it would be a clever work-around to the clause in O’Brien’s exit settlement from NBC that prohibits him from appearing on TV until September.

It would also be a brilliant way to capitalize on the Team Coco mania that’s hit the Internet in the wake of his public battle with the Peacock. Shows such as "Family Guy" and "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" have proven there’s a market in live events tied to TV series.

Expect the road tour to be tied in to a new Intenet presence for O’Brien, allowing Team Coco members to interact via an official hub for the once-and-possibly-future late-night host.

As for when and where O’Brien will land next on TV, all signs continue to point to Fox as the first candidate for a new home — assuming all sides can figure out a way to make things work financially. While neither O’Brien’s camp nor Fox is talking, even privately, late-night industry insiders say it wouldn’t be shocking if the two sides begin face-to-face meetings by next month.

O’Brien’s PR rep was travelling Friday and couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.


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