Conan O’Brien Makes Cameo as Love Interest, Fish in South Korean Drama (Video)

The host falls in love with Jang Na-ra’s character in “One More Happy Ending”

Conan O’Brien can now add “guest star on South Korean drama” to his resume.

The “Conan” host appeared twice on “One More Happy Ending,” a drama that follows the members of a former female musical group who have abandoned their musical careers and moved on to other phases in their lives. This week’s episodes stars O’Brien, once as a fish in one of the stars’ hallucinations, and once as he falls in love with Han Mi-mo (Jang Na-ra).

O’Brien plans to sign up for a service that helps him find a wife, but decides that he can’t follow through with the process as he becomes infatuated with Jang Na-ra’s character, who runs the service.

“It’s you! I was talking about you, Carp!” O’Brien says in Korean after he lists characteristics of his perfect wife. “If I sign up for this service, I can’t start something with you.”

However, instead of reciprocating O’Brien’s feelings, Han Mi-mo becomes infuriated at O’Brien coming on too strong.

Watch the fish hallucination clip below, and watch the wedding service part above.